Hydro molecular hygiene

Linaus srl, projects and produces medical devices for sanitary hygiene of fragile or non-autosufficeient patients, or for patients with concurrent pathologies.
The Syren® method elevates and improves the standards of patient hygiene in health are facilities, and guarantees concrete results which are immediately verifiable for the patient hygiene and also by the dedicated personell.
The patients psychological prudery is fully respected at all times.

The Syren® devices enhance the benefits of the water, using the patented technique of “controlled micro- pulsations” and are coadjuvants in controlling and reducing Healthcare assisted infections (Hais).
Thanks to our devices we drastically reduce the time a care assistant must spend performing basic hygiene to the bedridden patient. It also reduces the risk of occupational accidents to the healthcare assistant regarding the movement and lifting of the patient, and the risk of falling or slipping.

Evident advantages of Syren® devices:

  • The simplicity of our devices means that there are only two buttons for a healthcare assistant to use.
  • The consumption of water is drastically reduced, only 400 / 500 ml are used for a complete hygienic sanitization.
  • The possibility of being able to use the hydro molecular flow in specific areas means that dressings, wounds, Iv drips or catheters are not disturbed whilst performing the hygienic wash.
  • The patient remains in the comfort of their bed, eliminating any stress or discomfort to the patient.
  • Drastically reduces time and costs to the healthcare facility.